Procedure for Reporting Transaction Issues

Although we have an outstanding execution rate of 99.9% during the past two years, if you encounter any issues related to your transactions such as an inability to settle a trade, please follow the procedure below. Make sure to send your report from the email address you have registered with us at Milton Markets.


Please submit the form below via email to our support team at

Transaction Issue Report Form

  1. Your Name:
  2. Relevant Account Number with Issue:
  3. Transaction Number:
  4. Type of Transaction (Buy or Sell):
  5. Traded Product/Currency Pair:
  6. Detailed Description of the Issue:

(Example of a detailed description):
"I am unable to settle my trade with transaction number XXXXXXXXX on account number XXXXX due to an error. I would like the trade to be settled at the current timing."


If you have any screenshots or screen recordings demonstrating the issue, please attach them to your email.

Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring smooth transactions on our platform.



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