Can I open additional account(s)?

If you have already registered with Milton Markets and your profile has been approved, you may open additional accounts.
There is no need to re-register your profile.


1. For self-trading accounts

(1) You have a PAMM, Premium, or Standard account.
  You can open a new Flex account, Smart account, or Elite account.

(2) You have a Flex account.
  Smart and Elite accounts can be opened.

  *One Flex account per person is limited.

(3) You have a Smart account.
  Flex account, Smart account, and Elite account can be opened.

  Up to three Smart Accounts may be opened per person.

(4) You have an Elite account.
  Flex account and Smart account can be opened.


Click here for a comparison chart of each account:

*If you already have a verified photo ID and Proof Address on your profile, you do not have to resubmit any documents to open an additional account.


For PAMM Investor accounts

You will need to contact support (

Once we receive the following referral link (URL) from you, we will set it up so that you can open a PAMM Investor account.

*The last "XXX" of the URL will be a number.
*If you do not have the URL, please contact the referrer/manager.

*Please contact us from your Milton registered email address with your name and customer ID or account number.




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