What is Margin? (FX, CFD margin and leverage)

Margin is the required amount in the base currency of the trading account needed to open or maintain a position.

Forex  and XAUUSD Trading:

To calculate the margin for a specific position, please use the calculation formula below.

 Number of Lots * Contract size / Leverage.

The result is originally calculated in the first currency of the traded pair and then converted into the base currency of your trading account, which will be numerically displayed on your MT4.

Trading Cryptos

* Margin Requirements
1 BTCUSD = 15,000 USD
1 Ethereum = 1,000 USD
1 Litecoin = 70 USD


Trading CFDs*: 

*Excludes XAUUSD and Cryptos. When trading them, please refer to the calculation formula above.

   The margin is calculated by the formula below.

 Lots * Contract_size * Market price * Margin(%)


Where to check Contract Size and Margin (%):

Please check them in the specification of an instrument on your MT4. Please follow the steps below to view the specifications of an instrument

    1. Right-click on the corresponding symbol in the Market Watch window.
    2. Select “Specification” from the context menu of that symbol.
    3. The Specification window will popup.
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