What is an Investor Password? How can I reset it?

An investor password is a read-only password.

If you log in with an investor password, no trades can be placed or modified while using this password.

You can create/change an Investor Password by following these steps:
  1. Log in to your account on MT4.
  2. Form Menu bar, click Tools, then select Options.
  3. Click the “Server” tab and click on “Change
  4. Input the “Current Password (master password)"
  5. Select the “Change read-only password” checkbox.
  6. Set an investor password and type it into the “New Password” field.
  7. Re-type the investor password in the “Confirm” field and click OK

If you wish to change your master password, please follow the steps below on the Customer Portal.

  1. Expand the Accounts tab in Trader's Menu.
  2. Click Accounts Overview.
  3. Click the relevant account number highlighted in blue.
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