I can't log in to MT4.

As of April 6th, 17:30 JST, our MT4 server has changed from 'MiltonTech-Platform' to 'MiltonGlobal-Platform'. Please re-login to your trading accounts on the new server.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Please follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Are you connecting to the right server?
    - Make sure the server name you are accessing is live.miltonmarkets.com (DesktopMT4) and MiltonGlobal-Platform (Mobile MT4 app).

  2.  Be careful not to put spaces when you copy and paste.
    - When you copy the account number or password, make sure you are not copying spaces before or after the first/last letter.

  3. Still can't log in?
    - Please make sure your account is active on the Customer Portal. Accounts will be closed by the system after 30 days of having no/zero balance. Once your account is closed, it cannot be accessed any longer.


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